WORDY WEDNESDAY ~ Just 5 more minutes!

C'mon, Dougie.  Time to come in.

Just 5 more minutes, please!  I've hardly had any playtime at all!

[You know, that's what I hear the grand boy say all the time.  
It doesn't matter if he's reading, or doing Lego's, or even playing in the tub ... 
it's always  "just 5 more minutes, please!"  
And it seems to work well for him, so I thought I'd give it a try.]
Please, just 5 more minutes!

O.K. But only 5 ...




Well, I think I'm famous!
I mean ... if you've got your picture on a T-shirt ... doesn't that make you famous?
I bet you'd feel famous if you had your picture on a T-shirt!
Admit it.  You would.  Wouldn't you.  C'mon now.  Admit it.

So, this is my Sunday Selfie.  Me on a T-shirt.  Famous me!  Cool, huh!
If you want to get your picture on a T-shirt, you can get one from this awesome
store where I got mine from, the people were really nice and did a good job
on my picture and the shirt is super-soft-cotton.  The human loves it.
You can visit here: ANIMAL HEARTED

And to see more Sunday Selfies (probably not on T-shirts) visit today at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.



Something I really enjoy about Photoshop CC is the ability to play around with type fonts.
They can be stretched or skewed.  Warped.  Curved, twisted, bulged.  There are dozens of ways
fonts can be manipulated.  And even once you have altered them and saved them, you can
change the saved/altered version yet again!  And of course you can then 
shadow it, color it, bevel it, or add stroked borders.  
Today's Caturday Art unto itself was quite basic and simple. 
The finished image was mostly just a practice session in the manipulation of a type font.

For more Caturday Art
brought to you each weekend by Athena and Marie



Dougie Dog and Little Zoey ~ they live virtually,
romping, playing, having fun
in the land of Zoolatry.

Sometimes friends will visit, their pictures all can see,
and read the stories, 
of their glories,
they share with you and me.

Dougie Dog and Little Zoey ~ they live virtually,
Doing silly-funny things in the land of Zoolatry. 

Together they can travel, to places far and wide,
to visit friends at other blogs, the ZH by their side.

For 10 years we've been sharing, 
we hope it's not been a bore!
So many friends have filled our lives
with laughter, love and more!

In this land of ours called Zoolatry,
each day seems fresh and new.
In this land of ours each and every
day is better thanks to

Based on PUFF, THE MAGIC DRAGON, recorded in 1963 by Peter, Paul and Mary.  
Music and lyrics by Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow, from a poem written by Leonard Lipton in 1959